Stock Markets and Twitter

Currently it is said that twitter reached the figure of 200 million daily users interacting within the network of microblogging. Some studies have shown that a lower figure but less than that is a very important part of the passing of the internet everyday. (Using the Twitter API can determine this information)


Whatever the number is clear that it has become a powerful digital tool which can be achieved from advanced digital strategies to large-scale social movements that can be put to shake up the most powerful governments.


Today we will focus on a recent utility that concern some researchers that expands the options as the Internet and its tools are changing the daily life and allow us to generate profits.


Twitter may have the ability to predict the future behavior of stock markets?

According to a study by the University of Munich the relationship between the Tweets on the market, and investor sentiment changes compared with the S & P 500 showed a similar behavior even in intraday measurements. School economists analyzed over a period of 6 months a total of 250,000 tweets they had in their topics and hashtags listed companies in the S & P 500.

The result of the report reads as follows: if an investor had oriented their positions agree with the sentiment of Twitter in the first half of 2010, would have attained an average rate of return of up to 15 percent.

Leer en español: Twitter y el mercado de Valores.

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