Before we begin to address this issue make clear that we are not one of many companies and websites on the internet that promise incredible returns and promote one or another robot. 
We are a research laboratory that is constantly studying the internet network to identify and take advantage of online tools that really are effective for sharing.


 Market prediction software.

Long time ago has been of great interest within the scientific and academic community to achieve predict the behavior of financial markets leading to develop all kinds of research and studies published dozens of books that analyze mathematical prediction models.
There are hundreds of software available ( in the internet network to disseminate techniques and proven strategies to get returns. For example:

(A State-of-the-art Forex Signals Software Engine)  


Normally are usually used by investors or traders intraday often operating in a matter of minutes and that rely on these tools for their investments. There are many algorithms written but most of them base their routines on technical analysis. What about the current market behavior? Does it take into account relevant news affecting price movements?
Today we will focus on two major aspects that favor the use of these systems. On the one hand the large number of relevant financial data are available as free information on the web sites of a financial nature or through social networks like Facebook or twitter (market prediction using Stock Market and twitter) and on the other the rise of distributed systems the cloud.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis attempts to identify assets with good prospects by analyzing its key attributes. These are: financial results, growth prospects and sales among others. Any relevant information will affect the future and the prospect of assets and change its market value. These analyzes are published online and are easily accessible.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis does not delve into the asset itself, but that assumes that all available information is already «discounted» and included in the price of it. It is based on the historical behavior of the price and try to identify patterns in their behavior.

The crawler

This component is responsible for «read» the Internet looking for relevant information network at a fundamental level and discharge to the database in an orderly and classified for further analysis. Data sources used include:


The component makes use of free tools to track network as HTML parsers, HTTP clients and software for reading files in CSV format for historical prices available on Yahoo or other sites.

Analysis server

  • Technical Analysis

This component contains information collected from the network and implements some of the most common technical indicators to devise a strategy in terms of long positions, short positions, stops and limits, and list of assets with expected growth or loss.

indicators used

Media móvil

Bandas de Bollinger


MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence






  • Fundamental Analysis

Techniques using natural language processing concludes the feelings or perceptions of analysts by words such as Buy, Sell, Neutral. But all the news affecting the price and they occur when the market is closed in the case of stock market does not give room for maneuver.

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