How to search keywords in SEO?


How the google adwords keyword planner works?


In order to attract more traffic to a website or blog , it’s common to be interested in the keywords that are most relevant in reference to a particular brand or content . The selection of these words and the number of searches performed on google is the starting point for a strategy of online advertising with Google AdWords. This publication will mention the basic steps to do this and some of the most used tools .


What is a key word in SEO?



Are the words or group of related information to their interests or purchases in the Internet seeking search engines for. When managing a web site or by writing a blog should be clear about these words and what is the amount of searches that are received , in order to focus the ads and traffic to clients who are interested in such information.


The most common is through google Analytics using keywords planner to estimate the traffic generated using the words to use broad match type . With this tool it is possible to obtain the volume of searches from a list of words and then include them in an ad. It is also possible to obtain an estimate of traffic for a keyword group .


When using this tool to estimate the system displays a series of data which among other things show the average monthly searches, the estimated cost per click, per ad impression share a number of historical and downloading data to analyze statistical history. 


For the example image shows that the group of keywords such as hack Hotmail has an average of 9,900 monthly searches with low competition and a suggested bid for cost per click of $ 10.


With this information, you can deploy a strategy defined sales regardless of the size of website or blog. If the web site receives a small amount on average 1000 per month, with a keyword search volume of 100 visits can be profitable.

The other option that provides the tool is to obtain estimates of traffic for a particular group of keywords. By searching for a group of words the system yields an estimated impressions, clicks’s partners can cost half click. 


It is a very useful tool to target market your business or blog and increase your visits and possible conversions or sales.

There are other tools as o  

Additionally service google, google trends allows for general statistical data about a group of words.



To use the tool called google keywords planner must create an account on google analytics. For advice on the creation and management of these accounts contact with us.