Quick Guide to configure Twitter ads marketing campaigns in 4 steps. 

Twitter is an excellent tool to attract traffic to a website and achieve different objectives such as increasing visits, or capture leads. Different studies show that over 40% of twitter users «follow» the accounts of their favorite brands or companies, reinforcing the idea of integrating this social network within your digital marketing strategy.

This 4-step guide we will focus on showing how to create marketing campaigns using twitter ads as an option to boost organic traffic and exploit the potential payment promotional offers.

This digital advertising platform allows to reach a target audience different from those current account followers being promoted. The amount of money to invest is initially low and can generate good results in pursuing new leads or visitors.


Step 1. Decide the type of campaign to implement

In Twitter advertising platform may select different types of ads, among these are the advertised accounts, promoted tweets and trends or promoted Trending Topics.

There are other ways of creating campaigns and get potential or current users to install an application or capture your email directly from the platform. This last option should include a link to the site’s privacy policy informing as the information collected will be used and Twitter provide the information received.

The type of campaign called promoted account causes the account appears in the chronologies,  in search results, in the section of «who to follow» and appears with a warning of «Promoted» at the bottom. They are shown only to potential users and interest segmentation, gender, geographical location or device is allowed. It is possible that the ad appears similar to those users already have or filtering by a group of keywords. The payment of this type of ad is called for follow-up. Meaning that only charged if the user begins to follow the account. This would be the right kind of campaign if it is trying to increase the fan base account and build audience.


Promoted Account

 Promoted Tweets are those tweets that appear in the timeline of the potential or current users in their searches and have a slightly larger size than normal tweets. It is also possible segmentation interest or geographic location. The payment of these tweets is interaction, which means that only pay if the user makes a retweet, give a click, executes a response or add to their favorites. This is the kind of campaign if what you want is to get leads as possible to promote the content of your choice and put links to your landing pages or landing pages   

Promoted  Tweet

Promoted Trending Topics are those announcements in the form of trend and statically for 24 hours at the top of the Trending Topics of the selected geographic area. This type of announcement raises questions on potential or current users and takes them to click on the hashtag.

 Trending Topics


Tweet interactions (Engagement) allow to increase the visibility of the promoted tweet within segment selected users and appear in it’s timeline and only charged for interaction not print (each occurrence). You have the option to include a tracking tag to embed in the conversion page and measure the amount of users who come to the site through the ad.

Step 2. Set objectives and audience

The next step in creating your campaign will determine targeting criteria. It is important to customize your public for an appropriate adjustment of the campaign based on your company and the message you want to convey. This way you will only pay for clicks from users who may indeed have an interest in visiting your page, download your application or simply learn more about your product or service.  If you choose an specific target your audience most likely to generate leads or potential customers.

Once you have decided what type of campaign should be prepared to implement all the elements to receive visits from potential users. Among these are counted, an updated profile, publish relevant information and original content to attract the attention of visitors and proper landing page that allows to achieve the objective.

Interests and targeting ads twitter followers creates a target twitter usernames, which is created from similar to the followers of these users interests list. For example, to create a digital marketing related ad might create a list of target users based on the followers of accounts with influence on the environment such as Juan Carlos Mejia account (@ juancmejiallano).  This account has more than 360 000 followers on twitter and accounts is really a most influential Spanish digital marketing on the Internet.

Then you must select the daily budget using the auction system «Bid per Lead». You can also select a range of dates on which the advertisements are displayed.

The keyword targeting can reach a target audience more qualified since the ads appear based on the terms or timelines of users who put tweets related to those words or interact with tweets like.

Step 3. Segment your audience by location, gender or device,

Once the objectives are already clear, the audience and the types of campaign you should choose a segmentation to implement  by location according to your business or location of your company. For example if your business is aimed at people living in the United States or if you prefer to target their ads to iOS users of a particular mobile operator in a country.


Step 4. Create the tweets, publish and measure results.

Finally you must create the tweets or post existing. You can select from standard publishing or promoted tweet tweet. By analytical tool Twitter (http://analytics.twitter.com) can measure the level of interaction among other information campaign.