¿What is the Internet of Things ?

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Formally defining the concept Machine to Machine (M2M ) is known as the exchange of information between two remote machines in any data format . In an entry above discussed global trends in terms of mobile data traffic that will support the exchange of information between people, things and data. This accelerated information growth known as BigData open many opportunities in multiple markets forcing the creation of new business models based on services. Cisco has in its report that about 19,000 billion mobile and handheld devices such as GPS tracking and others will be connected in 2018 to the Internet.

It is the resulting combination of intelligent systems, network connectivity and people -driven processes . Intelligent systems are composed of multiple speed sensors, proximity, pressure and temperature . Also measure humidity levels , acoustics and sound from cities and levels associated with factories and alerts from medical centers and hospitals in telemedicine applications. We are building a large digital nervous system based on the connectivity of the fixed and mobile networks facilitate reading, storage and transport of all this information.

Connectivity networks facilitate the digitization and transport of all data generated by smart systems. These networks are constantly evolving and are counted from simple Bluetooth connection between two people located in the same place (PAN ) to a video conference via phone using 4G LTE (WAN ) connections,

The last component of the internet of things are people and generated processes. These processes have financial transactions, positioning systems and global positioning , applications of remote maintenance and control of automation , multiple safety applications and energy and the growing market of mobile devices and their applications . The interactions between people, things and data create a new ecosystem that is exploited for COMPOUND APPLICATIONS, which are able to provide relevant customer information based on their preferences . For example an application would be one that consists in detecting the arrival of a traveler at an airport and offers food choices based on their current location and preferences. Compound applications are able to analyze large amounts of information that clients upload to social networks and allow Exchange of information between companies across different industries to meet the needs of customers.

How big is the market for Internet of things?

According to a report by Gartner in November 2013 estimated that the market for internet of things generate an economic value of $ 1.9 trillion , understanding the economic value as added benefits that companies derive from the sale and use of IoT technology.




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