What is The Hidden network, The virtual payment system BitCoin and Red TOR (onion)


What is the Deep web?

In recent weeks has increased the amount of news relating to espionage by governments in general and specifically by the government of the United States.    Justified or not,   provided or excessive in the end it is revealed that there is nothing hidden (at least for most users) on the internet and without much difficulty security agencies have a copy of traffic daily coursing through the network .

Following these events and several customers have contacted us concerned about their safety we  decide to write this article in order to outline what has been called the Hidden Network ,deep network or Deepweb   (http://deepweb.to ) and mention some secure communication forms that minimize the risk of interception.

We should clarify that we don’t sell any service to access to computer systems ilegally,   or promotion of child pornography host systems.

It could be argued that the Internet is divided into two,    all pages that are visible and that the robots search engines can index and all those that require authentication, or covered by other security mechanisms.



 Source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/technology/uncovering-the-darknet-63483.HTML

In October 2013 has been published in several articles in which it is announced that the FBI has seized an approximate value of $ 3.6 m worth of bitcoin digital currency following the seizure of a hidden site called «Silk Road».    Additionally the value of the virtual currency fell near a   15% since the end of the siege and capture of its administrator.


What is bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system that allows anonymous exchange goods and services digitally with some special features:


•              Not belong to any government or country

•              Financial institutions do not intervene

•              It is not possible forgery

•              Bitcoins can be exchanged for euros,   dollars and other currencies

•              Do not disclose the identity of the buyers or sellers and ensures anonymity

•              No one can intervene that virtual money or freeze accounts.   (Theoretical)


Companies in Canada and Robocoin Bitcoiniacs leave available to the public   the first ATM   order to exchange Bitcoins for real currency and vice versa using fingerprint authentication, or with the traditional method (PIN). 


Source: http://alt1040.com/2013/10/cajero-automatico-bitcoin

What is onion?

Is a pseudo   generic level domain   indicating an IP address   anonymous Tor network-accessible.   Such addresses are the result   combining 16 alphanumeric characters that are automatically generated using the public key when Tor is configured.


How do I access the hidden network onion?


You must use an overlay system on the Internet called Tor that facilitates client anonymity by hiding your real IP address.     Anonymity is achieved by passing the data through a series of connected servers worldwide.


Taking the Wiki description of Tor is a project whose main objective is the development of a communications network, low-latency distributed superimposed on internet in which the routing of messages exchanged between users does not reveal your identity, ie, address IP (anonymity network level) and also maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the information that travels over it. For this reason it is said that this technology belongs to the so-called darknet also known as the deep web or deep web.


To achieve these objectives we have developed a specific free software. Proposes the use Tor onion routing so that messages travel from source to destination through a series of special routers called «onion routers» (in English onion routers). The system is designed with the flexibility to implement improvements that can be deployed in the real world and can resist different types of attack. However, it has weaknesses and can not be considered a foolproof system.


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor


Upon entering the hidden network or can DarkNet anonymous transactions buying or selling all kinds of goods or services through bitcoins which of course can be legally approved purposes or not.


The use of deepweb not involve illegality and can facilitate the privacy and maintain the security of communications, however, is an underworld with many risks.