Big Data, Digital marketing and its impact on business .

Concept of Big data and its relationship with the digital marketing.

Continuing with the analysis of the most significant trends impacting today ‘s internet network , this article discuss a topic that has been growing in terms of interest along the time in the world of technology , the concept of big data , its definition and scope in the business context .
Big data is defined as the set of data that exceeds the capacity of the standard software to be captured, managed and processed in a reasonable time . Various  technology stakeholders, speak of a revolution of the data, a real transformation of computing and communications architecture . In other words big data comprises a whole new range of converging technologies in order to create economic value in businesses through structured analysis data in the shortest time identification.

Interest terms : Big data , Online Marketing , SEO, Business Intelligence.


From this definition we have four relevant aspects , the large volume of data , a variety of data sources ( transactional systems , online processing systems , legacy systems , web systems , social networks) and finally the high rate of generation of information. This group of Vs are the tools to create value from big data . The use of big data in organizations has many real applications such as online analysis of customer behavior, preferences and needs molding products, prices and payments to suppliers automatically depending on the customer profile. The custom online marketing based on the location and type of device is another example of its use. However the ability to use external sources that were not previously used as web or social networking systems is an important component in the value of big data suggesting a future prediction of customer habits online. This imposes an important technology challenge since it is now required to analyze documents , videos and photographs. Additionally coated challenging the exchange of data internationally and regulation.


Talking volume of data there are several tools that come today to meet this technological change, such as Hadoop, CEP or google offering a cloud computing service called BigQuery that allows up to 100 GB of data per month free, run queries and analysis for free, make predictions and use the power of google infrastructure.

The online analytics facilitates detect significant changes in traffic patterns of the websites of businesses, social networking accounts or blog’s partners. For example if an increase in traffic from a particular city for a particular reason in the searches may receive a message warning of the change and make decisions aimed at allowing new customers is perceived.